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Linux Recovery: Cannot SSH to Linux VM due to FSTAB errors.

Problem: There are a few cases where a VM might stop booting up properly if the syntax in /etc/fstab is incorrect or if a data disk is missing (not attached to the VM) as well as other reasons. Traditionally in Linux you can mount a scsi device by using the following format in fstab: /dev/sdc1 /data ext4 defaults 0 0 However in cloud environments there is no way to guarantee the same scsi ID every […]

Why proactively ensuring you have access to GRUB and sysrq in your Linux VM could save you lots of down time?

Quite simply, to speed up the recovery time of your IaaS Linux Virtual Machine most recovery options will be possible if GRUB is configured. Recovering Linux Virtual Machines in Azure You will, at some point have to perform some type of recovery in your Linux VM unless you are very lucky, this inevitable. The reasons for performing a VM recovery are numerous and can be anything such as: • corrupt file systems/kernel/MBR (Master Boot Record) […]