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Month: May 2019

Monitor Linux utilization with sysstat

Sysstat is a very interesting option to enable system monitoring without sacrificing performance and disk storage. Some distributions have it installed but disabled by default, other distributions you have to install it manually. With the steps provided in this article you can get sysstat up and running so you can have history data to analyze if you run into any performance issues. Installing Sysstat Debian/Ubuntu sudo apt-get install sysstat Redhat/CentOS/Oraclesudo yum install sysstat Enabling stat collection […]

How to transfer data to or from a Linux VM in Azure?

There are various options to transfer data into a Linux VM, if you have ssh enabled then WinSCP / SCP client tools will work seamlessly even if you choose to use ssh keys instead of password logins, however you may need to transfer files between VMs and again you can use scp or configure vsftpd Transfer data from Local PC to Linux VM To configure WinScp, go to Advanced, SSH, Authentication and select the private […]